Book Four is Here!

Hello, firelights!

It’s here! Book four of the Ash Bennett series is out and available for purchase on Amazon! I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to get this one out into the ether. The entire book, and the events that transpire, are such pivotal moments for our Ash, so important to moving forward into the last two books of the series. After book four, everything changes for him, and I’m thrilled to shift into the badassery (yes, that’s a word, just ask Gandalf) of what’s to come.

No More Lies is a gripping, low-key psychological thriller for the bulk of its story. When I realized where we were taking Ash’s tale, my first thought was, “Oh no, can I write that?” I didn’t know if I could portray his situation in the way I envisioned it. It seemed far too complicated. Still, I persisted. Word by word, scene by scene, going back, rewriting, editing, scrapping, and starting over, until the story finally resembled what I originally imagined.

To be honest, this was the most difficult book of the series to write, so far. But all the gnashing of teeth and pulling out my hair was worth it, because I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

My dream is that underneath the chaos of book four’s story, you see the underlying hope of what’s coming in books five and six. I love the idea that even when the world throws problems at us left and right, there’s always hope. Hope that bad situations can right themselves, hope that broken relationships can be repaired if we want them to, hope that there’s a glimmer of light within the darkness, and hope that love, in all its complex and magnificent forms, will win in the end.

Enjoy No More Lies, dear readers. By the end, I hope you’re as excited about the final two books as I am. Here’s a non-spoiler hint that’s already common knowledge: Everyone knows Gandalf is a badass.

Love and light!

L.A. Goodman

PS: If you’ve read and enjoyed Old Souls, The Nothing Place, or Lineage, please consider leaving a review for each of them on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Each review helps. Thank you!


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